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    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
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True Beauty

In this month’s New Era, Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy has a message for girls about “True Beauty.” He tries to combat the message too often reinforced by our consumer/media culture that a glamorous appearance (through clothes, cosmetics, and so on) is the measure of beauty. He even dares to suggest that good men see happiness and virtue as keys to true beauty. He says:

“The world prizes body-baring ‘beauty.’ Hollywood markets it, advertisers exploit it, and the media promote it. The Lord, however, ‘seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart’ (1 Samuel 16:7). The kind of a man a virtuous woman wants to marry also ‘seeth not’ as the natural man seeth.”

Anyone who is married knows that Elder Robbins is right. Anyone who has a daughter knows he is right. Anyone who has any sort of loving relationship with any woman knows he is right. Individual tastes in looks, hairstyles, clothing, and other outward things will vary, but any man (or woman, for that matter) who is honest will acknowledge that a woman’s true beauty does indeed come from the heart. It’s a corny concept, I know. But its corniness doesn’t make it any less true.  And I hope that the teenage readers of the New Era take this message to heart.


6 Responses

  1. If only we could all remember this powerful principle. Self worth does not come from outward beauty but from inner strength and a relationship with God.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ed. It’s good that this principle is repeated by Church leaders, and we should probably make sure it’s stated and implied in our dealings with others.

  3. Some of the most beautiful women I have ever met were the missionarys at Temple Square Salt Lake. I think some of them were pretty too; but they were all beautiful.

  4. Nice thought, kingoftexas. Thanks for the comment.

  5. This is a wonderful message but I feel that in addition to addressing this issue to the young (and really all) women, that it needs to be addressed with the young (and really all) men. One of the reason that women continue to base their worth on their appearance is because men pressure them to do so. Their are many LDS (and others) men who expect a woman to look “a certain way” or they will not go out with them. If only they could heed the prophets’ counsel also.

  6. Thanks for the comment, Denise. You may be interested in another article the New Era ran back in May of this year. It’s called “A Note to the Good Girls,” and it ran alongside a companion piece called “A Note to the Good Guys.” The author of “A Note to the Good Girls” mentions what he likes about the “good girls” he knows. Among other things, he says:

    “I think it’s cool that you don’t dress like a lot of other girls. It is much more comfortable for us guys when a girl dresses modestly (and yes, girls who dress modestly are very attractive) and uses good language. Immodest dress and nasty or mean talk just make it awkward and embarrassing for me.

    “I’m glad you’re comfortable with who you are. There are just way too many girls out there who aren’t. I can tell in your eyes and in your smile that you know you’re a daughter of God. That, to me, is beautiful.”

    Do you think the New Era should try to run articles like this more often?

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