• Quote of the Day

    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Mormonad Videos

The New Era has added a YouTube channel with videos based on its Mormonads. You can view them at the New Era‘s Web site, or you can view them on YouTube. These videos are a great addition to the offerings from the Church magazines online and are hopefully a harbinger of more things to come.

Interactive Hidden Pictures from the Friend

The Friend has posted some of its hidden pictures activities on its Web site as interactive games. Try them out to see if you can find all of the shapes hiding in the lines of the picture. If not, the Friend is gracious enough to give you hints so that you can narrow down your search. When you have found one of the hidden shapes, click on it and watch it turn to color and fly over to the key on the right. These fun activities are sure to be a hit with all LDS kids online (and, admit it, with the adults, too).

New Look for the Friend Online

Check out the new look at the Web site for the Friend, friend.lds.org. There you can find links to things such as videos of Matt and Mandy and For Little Friends, interactive coloring pages, printable activities, and audio recordings of stories. You can also see that there are features yet to come, such as interactive hidden pictures. This site is no longer just for Primary teachers and leaders; it now is shaping up to be a great place for kids to go as well.

New Era Christmas Video

The New Era has posted a Christmas video showing a video montage of nativity images set to the tune of “Little Baby,” the song featured in this month’s issue and available as an MP3 download. See it at the New Era’s Web page.

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The Other Part of Forgiveness

In this month’s Ensign you’ll find a short account of how one woman found the key to forgiving those who had hurt her. In “The Other Part of Forgiveness,” the author, Becky Dastrup, tells how she received the answer she sought after speaking to a Christian friend of another faith about her struggle to forgive. Her friend reminded her of one of the Savior’s teachings on this subject, which led her to the peace she desired.

The author then notes, “I am grateful to have had this gospel-centered conversation with my friend of a different faith. It increased my desire to openly speak about my beliefs so that I could have more enlightening experiences like this one.”

We should all remember that it is possible for us to receive this kind of enlightenment if we will open up to those who sincerely love and strive to follow Jesus Christ, no matter what denomination they belong to. This sort of sharing goes both ways.

Commentary on Ensign Article: “The Energy Drink Epidemic”

An article in this month’s Ensign has spurred some discussion on LDS Web sites, and this time, that’s a good thing. “The Energy Drink Epidemic,” by Dr. Thomas J. Boud, discusses the negative health effects of excessive caffeine use and has many charts and sidebars that make for a very interesting read (as seen in the PDF version). The article was recently praised by Julie M. Smith at Times and Seasons as “a very well-balanced article,” and the comments on her post have been quite positive about the article, as well. I can only say that I hope that there is more commentary of this sort about the Church magazines in the future. (Not that it always has to be positive, just that more of it should take place and that it should be fair.)

In addition, Meridian Magazine was prompted by Dr. Boud’s article to post a poll about caffeine on its Web site (those brave souls). You can go there to read comments generated by the poll.

By the way, don’t miss Brad Wilcox’s article in this month’s New Era, in which he tackles the same issue. His article is called “Energy Drinks: The Lift That Lets You Down,” and it contains a sidebar by Dr. Boud.