• Quote of the Day

    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Interactive Hidden Pictures from the Friend

The Friend has posted some of its hidden pictures activities on its Web site as interactive games. Try them out to see if you can find all of the shapes hiding in the lines of the picture. If not, the Friend is gracious enough to give you hints so that you can narrow down your search. When you have found one of the hidden shapes, click on it and watch it turn to color and fly over to the key on the right. These fun activities are sure to be a hit with all LDS kids online (and, admit it, with the adults, too).

New Look for the Friend Online

Check out the new look at the Web site for the Friend, friend.lds.org. There you can find links to things such as videos of Matt and Mandy and For Little Friends, interactive coloring pages, printable activities, and audio recordings of stories. You can also see that there are features yet to come, such as interactive hidden pictures. This site is no longer just for Primary teachers and leaders; it now is shaping up to be a great place for kids to go as well.

Interactive Coloring Pages from the Friend Online

The Friend has posted interactive online versions of some of its coloring pages. Kids can select colors to fill in regions of the picture, and there is even music to accompany them while they do it. So have fun, kids! (And, of course, adults too—admit it.)

Matt and Mandy as Video

For all of you Friendophiles out there (if I may coin a term), you can now experience the popular Matt and Mandy comic strips as videos, beginning with this month’s installment of the series. Check it out, and let the Friend know if you like it.

Music Download: The Family Is of God

The Friend has posted an MP3 download of a song whose sheet music appears in the magazine this month. “The Family Is of God” can be downloaded at the Friend’s Web site in two versions: with vocals and without vocals. It’s a nice little song with a strong melody and lyrics that teach a good message.

Our Creative Friends Slideshow

The Friend’s Web site has posted a slideshow of “Our Creative Friends” from the September issue. For those unfamiliar with this feature, “Our Creative Friends” showcases children’s drawings, usually on Church-related themes, that are submitted to the Friend for publication. These drawings are now available online for the first time. Enjoy.

Do You Want to Go to Primary with Me?

Do you have a desire to share the gospel but find yourself at a loss for how to approach people? This month the Friend magazine includes a story by a young girl whose friend asked her a simple question during recess. In “Do You Want to Go to Primary with Me?” you can read about how this girl and her mother reacted to this question and where it eventually led.

The lesson for us is that we should not hesitate to extend the simple invitations that can make all the difference to those we care about. I suppose it’s one of those ways of becoming like a little child, as the Savior asked us to do.

Now, if only elders quorum were as much fun as Primary. Maybe if we brought some crayons and coloring pages.

Coloring Pages Gallery


Coloring Pages Gallery

Coloring Pages Gallery

The Friend has posted a gallery of its recent coloring pages, arranged by topic. This will be a welcome resource for Primary leaders and teachers, as well as parents looking for activities for their children to do during sacrament meeting, stake conference, general conference, or a long drive.

Latter-day Prophets Song

This month’s Friend magazine has something we’ve all been waiting for: the update of the song “Latter-day Prophets.” Now with President Monson! You can download the sheet music here. Enjoy.

The Best Bargain

I realize that I haven’t written about the Friend yet, so I’ll rectify that today by briefly mentioning an article titled “The Best Bargain.” A girl looking for a good bargain on a Mother’s Day gift discovers that, even in business dealings, our primary concern is not necessarily what benefits us the most; integrity and keeping promises are more important than simply looking out for number one. Good for the Friend. Though imperfect, this story, in a way, prepares young people to be more thoughtful and introspective when asked the question “Are you honest in all your dealings with your fellow men?”