• Quote of the Day

    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Interactive Hidden Pictures from the Friend

The Friend has posted some of its hidden pictures activities on its Web site as interactive games. Try them out to see if you can find all of the shapes hiding in the lines of the picture. If not, the Friend is gracious enough to give you hints so that you can narrow down your search. When you have found one of the hidden shapes, click on it and watch it turn to color and fly over to the key on the right. These fun activities are sure to be a hit with all LDS kids online (and, admit it, with the adults, too).

Interactive Coloring Pages from the Friend Online

The Friend has posted interactive online versions of some of its coloring pages. Kids can select colors to fill in regions of the picture, and there is even music to accompany them while they do it. So have fun, kids! (And, of course, adults too—admit it.)

Interactive Hymn Vocabulary Quizzes from the New Era

The New Era has posted an interactive online version of the hymn vocabulary quiz in its November issue, as well as the one from the March issue. So go see if you know what you’ve been singing in church.

Pearl of Great Price Sudoku

Pearl of Great Price SudokuThe New Era has posted an online version of the Sudoku puzzle from the July issue. Instead of numbers, this puzzle uses words from Moses 1:39. When you finish the puzzle, you’ll probably know that scripture pretty well if you don’t already. This is intended to be something fun for the younger set, but regardless of your age, you may find yourself determined to solve it once you’ve started. Have a go, and let me know how you do.

Those Subversive Mormonads

A while back I read one blogger’s thoughts about Mormonads, and I rather believe he hit the nail on the head. He said, for instance, that “Mormonads pursue the subversion of the world. They remake it in their own image, and infuse its symbols with their own (sometimes very different) meanings. They are defiantly stodgy, unhip, and wholesome.” These are among the things that contribute to what he referred to as their “weird and transcendent genius.”
March 2008 Mormonad
I would simply like to offer this month’s Mormonad in the New Era as a good example of what this blogger, Matt B., was talking about. I can see it being universally labeled “lame” and yet still being put up on some teenage girl’s wall with absolute sincerity and belief in its message. What do you think?

Hymn Vocabulary Quiz

Sometimes the New Era will include a fun quiz or puzzle for the kids, and this month it has a pretty good one. The “Hymn Vocabulary Quiz” in the “What’s Up?” section of the magazine asks if you know the meaning of some pretty obscure words from the hymnbook. Here it is.

Do you know what you just sang? Choose the correct definition for each of the following words that can be found in one or more of our hymns.
A. Boon (Hymns, nos. 114 and 144)
  1. A thick leather strap
  2. A timely benefit or blessing
  3. A thick, sweet liquid
  4. An inspiring sermon
B. Effulgent (Hymns, nos. 116 and 187)
  1. With great sorrow
  2. Dignified
  3. Shining brightly
  4. Completely satisfied
C. Plaited (Hymns, no. 191)
  1. Interwoven or braided strands
  2. Protected with armor
  3. Hungry or starved
  4. Decorated with bright colors
D. Warblings (Hymns, no. 232)
  1. A musical trill
  2. Young, slender trees
  3. Smooth stones
  4. Military awards
E. Glebe (Hymns, no. 109)
  1. A plot of land
  2. A calm stretch of water
  3. Of great value
  4. Glowing or shimmering 

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