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    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
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Comments by Youth on General Conference

The New Era has posted some comments from youth on general conference. It is inspiring to see how well these addresses can connect to youth and how deeply the youth can feel about the pure doctrines of the gospel. Their spontaneous reactions to the conference addresses show a simple and growing understanding of and faith in the Lord and His servants.

Youth can send their comments to the New Era here.


The Miracle of the Conference Magazines

I suppose the more often a miracle is repeated, the less miraculous it seems. That said, I’d like to remind us of one those miracles that affects all of us in the Church but goes somewhat unheralded.

The general conference issues of the Ensign and Liahona should be arriving in most people’s mailboxes this week—and what a miracle it is. Of course, the conference issue of the Ensign has been delivered in the May issue for some years now, but the same has been true for the Liahona only in recent years.

Think of it—over three dozen addresses, as well as biographies of around 20 new General Authorities and members of auxiliary presidencies, all totaling over 140 pages, and, oh, by the way, it has to be edited, designed, approved, translated into dozens of languages, printed, and distributed all over the world one month later.

We all marvel at the wonderful communications technology that allows general conference to be broadcast by satellite and the Internet every six months, but I wonder whether we truly appreciate the magnitude of the task of publishing the conference issues of the magazines in print. I daresay that, in spite of the quicker and more ubiquitous availability of the conference addresses online, the printed conference issues of the Ensign and Liahona are the most highly used versions of those addresses in the months (and perhaps years) immediately following the conference.

So, there’s a simple reminder of the semiannual miracle that is the conference issue of the Church magazines.

Conference Photo Gallery

The Ensign has posted a photo gallery containing additional images from general conference. If nothing else, this shows the diversity of the Saints who gather to hear the words of modern apostles and prophets. The black-and-white style is kind of artsy but quite effective. Personally, I like the pictures of the kids.

Conference Experiences

general conferenceThe Ensign and New Era have done something interesting on their Web pages, posting a collection of comments they received about general conference. These appear to be raw, unedited expressions of testimony, gratitude, and faith. I personally find them quite a welcome change from much of what you read in the bloggernacle (not that it’s all bad, just a bit too analytical, self-important, or rhetoric-heavy for my tastes sometimes). The effort to create a kind of (correlated) interactivity on the Web is laudable if slightly clunky (owing to the unattractive lds.org Web design, but that’s another issue). Read a few of the comments by adults and youth, and see what you think:

Conference Experiences (Ensign)

Conference Experiences (New Era)

Finding Answers from Conference

As we listen to (and later, read) the addresses from general conference, we will doubtless be looking for something we can apply to ourselves in some way. As an added encouragement, this month’s Ensign contains an article with stories from various people who tell of “Finding Answers from Conference.” Whether these experiences were sought or unsought, specific answers or general feelings, they reflect what we can all gain by paying attention to the conference messages delivered by the Lord’s servants.