• Quote of the Day

    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

New Era Christmas Music Download: “Little Baby”

The New Era has made available an MP3 download of the Christmas song “Little Baby,” which appears as sheet music in the December issue of the New Era. This pretty tune is sung by a young female vocalist on the recording, giving it just the right feeling, I think. An instrumental version is also available for those who want to sing along.

Music Download: Steadfast and Immovable

The New Era home page has posted MP3 recordings of the song whose sheet music appears in the October issue. The song, “Steadfast and Immovable,” can be downloaded in two formats: with vocals and without vocals. It sounds like a hymn and could be used in Sunday meetings or Mutual (especially since it matches this year’s Mutual theme). Having such songs available for download is a good development and, hopefully, will become a regular occurrence.