• Quote of the Day

    “Surely the reason Christ said, ‘Father, forgive them,’ was because even in that terrible hour He knew that this was the message He had come through all eternity to deliver.”
    —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Photo Gallery: Guatemala

The New Era has posted a gallery of photos from the article “From Generation to Generation” in the September issue. The article centers on two teenage members of a family in Guatemala. The photos aren’t breathtaking landscapes or stunning portraits such as those you might see in National Geographic, but they tell the story of a hard-working family trying to pass along important life skills to the next generation.

Conference Photo Gallery

The Ensign has posted a photo gallery containing additional images from general conference. If nothing else, this shows the diversity of the Saints who gather to hear the words of modern apostles and prophets. The black-and-white style is kind of artsy but quite effective. Personally, I like the pictures of the kids.